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about our areas of expertise

Your business uses its own specific vocabulary.
We are aware of this and make sure that we find the right words to provide you with quality services, thanks to terminology adapted to your  activity and the documents you provide us.

Here are some of our areas of expertise:


Measuring instruments - Wireless sensors - Air conditioning / heating systems - Pumps and compressors - Boilermaking - Mining - Agricultural, forestry and construction machinery

Some client references:
Foerster, Sensopart, Danfoss, Advansor, Johnson Controls, Hydropro, Hunter, Rio Tinto, JohnDeere, AGCO, McHale, CNH, Caterpillar, UNAC

Tourism and hotel industry - Catering, gastronomy - Sports equipment and machinery - Cosmetics - Watchmaking

Some client references:
2 Alpes, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Best Western, Nespresso, Whittard, McDonald, Nettquatro, MaxiZoo, L’Oréal, Swatch, Armin Strom.



Railways - Conveyor automation - Automotive

Some client references:
SNCB, Strukton, Bentley, Bang&Olufsen, Toyota, Honda, Corneloup, Ambaflex, Intralox.

Management - Human Ressources - Contracts - Intellectual property - International law - Human rights

Some client references:
Randstad, Rolls-Royce, East Jordan Company, Pisa.
For confidentiality reasons, we do not mention the names of clients who have provided us legal texts.



Information systems - Cloud - Electronic signatures - Computer equipment - Software

Some client references:
HP, Microsoft sales, IBM, Brother, Lenovo, Panasonic, Pioneer, Adobe, Apple, Gmail, Kaspersky, McAfee, Docusign, Verisign.

Medical equipment - Studies - Medical notices - Medical equipment notices

Some client references:
Siemens Médical, GE Healthcare, Johnson&Johnson, Bio Composants Médicaux.



Sustainable energy - Corporate social responsibility

Some client references:
Cap Vert Energie, Photowatt, Solaworld, Rossignol, Global Compact.

International trade - Calls for tenders - Insurance - Banks - Real estate - Stock exchange

Some client references:
HSBC, IPD-Lloyds, ACTE International, Paypal, Capital Group, Huffington finance, Accruent, Hidostral, Bechtle.


Are you wondering how we can REALLY be specialised in so many technical fields?

The answer is simple:
Our experience (20 years in the profession) and collaboration with a community of specialised linguists!

Did you know?

When you request our services, you can send us additional documents, glossaries or instructions so that your specific vocabulary can be implemented.
It will then be saved in our terminology databases to ensure harmony between your different multilingual documents.

Your documents are handled by linguists

Because automatic translators are far from being experts!

about the difference between human translation and machine translation

Your profession has its own specific vocabulary. Technology is constantly improving and great progress has been made in the field of automatic translation. Nevertheless, human beings still have undeniable advantages over the machine in terms of:


- the style and the harmonisation of a text promote fluent reading
- sentence structure and sequence improve comprehension and the pleasure of reading


- the messages are written to take into account the target language's uses
- the style and wording are adapted to the communication medium (length, language level of the reader, etc.)


- over time and with updates, your documents remain consistent
- our linguists can inform you of any errors and inconsistencies in your source texts


- a vocabulary adapted to your field of activity is used by our multilingual experts
- we work together to establish terminology that is appropriate for you


- the work is carried out according to your objectives, in keeping with your instructions
- we do not hesitate to ask you questions to make decisions adapted to your needs

Post-editing, which involves human/machine "collaboration", has appeared on the linguistic market in the last few years and is now developing significantly. In practice, post-editing is the revision by a professional linguist of a text translated by an automatic translation engine.
As the result of machine translation is of random quality, it is necessary to call upon a professional to review the machine translation and correct errors and inaccuracies in order to improve its quality.

> More about post-editing

As you will have understood, we work with digital tools to optimise our work but our services are provided by qualified and experienced linguists to guarantee you optimal quality which lasts!

Your data is protected

And it remains confidential because we value your serenity

about your data protection

We attach great importance to the protection of all the data we collect. We have put in place several measures to enable you to use our services with complete peace of mind:

IT security
internal engagement
formalised confidentiality

IT security:

  • Secure servers
  • Outsourced daily backup
  • Anti virus
  • Firewall
  • Inverter
  • Anti-spam system
  • Website in https

Internal engagement:

  • All team members sign a health and safety charter in which they undertake to lock their workstations as soon as they leave them, not to insert USB media on their computers, only consult secure websites, not to click on attachments or suspicious hypertext links....
  • All computer sessions are protected by an initialised password known only by their users. These passwords are regularly changed.
  • Only people who work on your projects have authorised access to them.
  • All your projects remain dematerialised.

In addition to being part of our CSR approach, these measures allow us to physically protect your data.

Formalised confidentiality:

  • All our employment contracts include a confidentiality clause to protect information about our clients, their projects and documents.
  • Each external linguist signs our partnership terms and conditions protecting the confidentiality of your data.
  • Upon request, we formalise our commitment by sending you a signed confidentiality agreement.

Data is the core of our business.
We have focused on complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R.) implemented in May 2018.
We regularly participate in workshops and training sessions in order to better protect your data.

The Terms and Conditions of Use of free machine translators stipulate a right of free reuse of all the information they translate!

Call on experts to guarantee quality and safety!

Your loyalty is rewarded

You'll only pay for what is new when your documents evolve

about optimising your budgets
Have you thought about tomorrow? We do it for you: consistency is the core of our quality commitments.

Do your products and services evolve over time? The same applies to your associated documents.
Thanks to the close relationship we keep with you, your documents are updated and you'll only pay for new content!

Reduce your budgets and optimise lead times!

Here is a real example 
of savings in June 2019:


How is that possible? Thanks to C.A.T. software.

Too often confused with machine translation (MT), computer-added translation (CAT) is in fact a tool to assist translation.
It allows the translation to be optimised without taking the place of the linguist.

The use of CAT software has many advantages, both for linguists and for you!

The main advantages of CAT:

  1. Text analysis: quoting to the nearest word

    When you need a quote for a translation or a proofreading, our CAT software analyzes your text and counts the number of words, repetitions and terminology feedback from translation memories... This analysis allows us to provide you with a precise quote that corresponds exactly to the work to be done.

  2. Update and implementation of translation memories and glossaries: only new sentences are invoiced

    Translation memories are enriched as the work progresses. During the following translations, the translator finds the parts of sentences he/she has already translated using the CAT software. In addition to guaranteeing terminological consistency between each translation, this implementation allows us to invoice only for changes and new features in your text.

  3. Real-time translation propagation: optimise lead times while ensuring optimal quality

    When the linguist translates sentences that appear several times in your text, they are automatically propagated further in the document. This means that the linguist does not need to retype, copy-paste or translate them again. This avoids mistakes and saves time.

of your budgets

Our CAT software is constantly updated so that for each order you place, you will:
- capitalise on previous AND future translations
- optimise your budgets

Meeting my needs

by capitalising on my future translations
and by optimising my budgets (not bad!)