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Thanks to our polyvalent and multidisciplinary team

about our collaborators

Our team has a perfect blend of skills that allows us to handle your most complex projects, from the preparation of your personalised quote to the delivery of your translated document, including resource allocation, technical discussions, quality verification and the compliance of your requirements.

ANNELISE - President


MA in Specialized Translation
Trilingual MA in Economics

Working languages

English, Russian, German to French

Internal career path

Co-creation of the company in February 2000
Repurchase of share capital in 2014

"My favorite part of my job...

my awesome colleagues, they are friendly, professional and respectful of each other, I love them!»

CLARISSE - Digital Projects Manager


MA in Language Industries
BA in Foreign Languages

Working languages

English, Dutch, German to French

Internal career path

Permanent contract since Decembre 2016
Manager since Septembre 2018

"My favorite part of my job...


Working at ALTICA has given me a lot of experience and an in-depth understanding of how a company works.

DANIELLE - Translator, Proofreader


MA in Foreign Languages
MA Programmer Expert in I.S.
University Diploma in Mathematics and Physics

Working languages

English and Italian to French

Internal career path

Fixed-term contract from September 2004 to October 2005
Permanent contract since September 2005

"My favorite part of my job...

the variety of fields of activity of the documents to be translated.»

What could be more motivating than contributing to mutual understanding between people?!

CORALIE - Project Manager, Translator


MA in Specialized Translation
BA in Foreign Languages

Working languages

English, German to French

Internal career path

Master internship from April to September 2017
Permanent contract since September 2017

"My favorite part of my job...

diversity, both in terms of tasks and areas of expertise (for translation).»

Every day I do my best to satisfy our clients and contribute to the growth of our company.

FRANCINE - Accountant


HND Accounting and Management

Working languages

English to French

PInternal career path

Permanent contract since September 2003

"My favorite part of my job...

to be in charge of the accounts, covering general, social and analytical aspects.»

Working at ALTICA for 16 years has allowed me to follow the growth of a company from almost its birth.

BENOÎT - Network Administration Assistant


HND Digital Systems
Scientific A-Level

Working languages

English to French

Internal career path

HND internship from July to August 2019
Permanent part-time student contract since October 2019

"My favorite part of my job...

to be able to learn while helping the company's employees."

ALTICA decided to trust me and take me on after only a few weeks of internship. It is therefore particularly important for me to successfully complete each mission entrusted to me in order to justify this trust and to be able, at my level, to participate in the development of the company.

GAËTAN - Business developer


BA in Business Management
HND Communication

Working languages

English to French

Internal career path

Pre-recrutement from June to August 2019
Block release since September 2019

"My favorite part of my job...

discover areas of business, companies, services, products and markets that I didn't know existed.»

I wish everyone could evolve within ALTICA! For me, this is a great experience that has only just begun. If you are looking for a partner rather than a service provider...then look no more! Get in contact!

LIBBY - English Trainer, Proofreader


Geography and English literature studies
Secretarial diploma

Working languages

French to English

Internal career path

Integration contract from June 2015 to June 2016
Permanent contract since June 2016

"My favorite part of my job...

to see my trainees progress and see the pleasure they get in speaking English.»

I love my job as a trainer because I believe learning must be fun. It's important to give the trainees confidence.

MADELINE - Webmarketing Assistant


BA Marketing and Communication
Technology degree in Marketing Techniques

Working languages

English to French

Internal career path

Block release since November 2019

"My favorite part of my job...

to contribute to the development of the company's notoriety and to work on very varied and interesting projects.

Working at ALTICA Traductions gives me real responsibility, allowing me to acquire new skills.

Be a source of proposals, capitalize on mistakes made

Team spirit, sense of service

Demonstrate multi-tasking and responsiveness

A sense of profitability, awareness of financial flows

Demonstrate linguistic and IT skills

Be able to make decisions independently

Do you recognize yourself with these skills?

Join our team!

To ensure an excellent service, our multidisciplinary team takes turns on your projects.
All your information is shared in real time and processed as soon as possible to minimize delays


Linguists who work on your projects

Place their origins, culture and openness to the world at your service

about these people who work for you around the world

Our goal: build long-term collaboration with experts around the world to guarantee an optimal level of quality.

All these experts:

have a Master's degree and/or many years of experience

work exclusively into their mother tongue

work in their specialized field of expertise
(industry, marketing, legal, IT...)

have signed confidentiality clauses

respect the specific requirements of each of our clients

maintain an optimal and constant level of quality

To keep this promise of quality, we:

  • have a rigorous recruitment process (CV, tests, diplomas, information, etc.)
  • only collaborate after we have signed our partnership terms and conditions
  • only commit to deadlines that allow us to carry out quality work
  • have extracts translated by pre-selected linguists to assess their quality of service
  • in the allocation of your projects, we favour the linguists who have already contributed to your satisfaction
  • ask reviewers to evaluate the translators and provide feedback to enable them to progress
  • carry out a qualitative analysis of all the work carried out
  • require as much from our external linguists as from our internal linguists

In accordance with the specifications of the ISO 17100 standard, professional translators are required to translate exclusively into their mother tongue!

You can never master a foreign language as well as your mother tongue! A mother tongue is 20, 30, 40 or 50 years of being immersed in a culture every day, of growing up and learning, reading, communicating and studying in that language.

ALTICA Traductions, talent finder since 2000:

We currently work with a community of more than 320 linguists around the world

Join our community of linguists!

Every day, we interact with these linguists: giving instructions, facilitating exchanges between linguists and clients for optimal decisions, delivering projects on time, etc.
The quality of these exchanges is directly reflected in the quality of our services

Above all, it means choosing expert language partners from all walks of life :

Our qualified community allows us to satisfy all your requests and to respect our golden rule: to obtain an optimal match between your needs and their skills.

Find THE linguist who meets MY needs

Notre communauté qualifiée nous permet de répondre à toutes vos demandes et de respecter notre règle d'or: obtenir une compatibilité optimale etre vos besoins et leurs compétences

Find THE linguist who meets MY needs

You'll benefit from our mutual enrichment approach

Our strength is networking with people

about these networks

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success

Henry Ford

We are developing our professional network in order to share our best practices and skills, but also to draw inspiration from the successes of the other companies with which we work, in a desire for collaborative, economic and social development.

By sponsoring many companies and being sponsored by others, ALTICA Traductions is enriched by these groups to meet your expectations even better.

Business Pleasure Team
BP Team organizes breakfasts and events for people who are looking to develop their business in a friendly atmosphere.
Thanks to BP Team, we can develop our professional network, discuss our issues and gain from the advice and experiences of other participants.
Employment and Training centre of Voiron and surroundings

Initiated by the Urban Community of our city and approved by the French State in September 2005, our Employment and Training Centre was the first one created in the Isère region. It brings together local authorities, the Public Employment Service and company representatives.
Its objectives: to contribute to the improvement and coordination of services for job seekers, employees, workers and businesses in the region in the fields of employment, training and integration, with a concern for proximity of the public and efficiency.
The Employment and Training centre also participates in anticipating economic changes and contributes to the development of employment.

Global Compact
Global Compact is the world's largest initiative in terms of sustainable development in workplaces and the largest network of companies committed to social responsibility.
Its objective: to generate a movement of companies and their stakeholders around the world
To this end, the Global Compact invites and supports companies to integrate 10 fundamental principles into their strategies, cultures and actions, but also to promote them within their sphere of influence.
We signed the Global Compact Charter in 2016 and have since published a Communication on Progress (COP) to promote our efforts and progress.

A place for information, meetings and exchanges between business leaders, MEDEF Isère is the first Isère network that represents the voice of companies at the national level.
It also provides its members with personalised services and advice in the economic, legal and social fields.
Thanks to MEDEF, we have participated in various very enriching meetings such as the RGPD Club, the Agile Management Club, legal meetings, etc.

Launched in 2016 by ALTICA Traductions and a few neighbouring companies, RELEVE brings together companies from the same geographical area in order to mutualize their needs and resources and improve daily life in the region. We are fully committed to the logistics, organisation and communication necessary for the association's activities, which now offers a service similar to that of a shared "works council".
Grenoble Management School

Grenoble Management School supports the performance of companies by providing them with skills, knowledge and talents adapted to current and future economic challenges.
Through its capacity for innovation and the continuous improvement of its intellectual contribution, this institution seeks to promote the expertise of Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and responsible business practices.
Its international activities aim to meet the recruitment needs of companies, train all talents, foster faculty development and give a multicultural dimension to its students.

Created in 2005, Minalogic now has more than 400 members, including 350 companies.
The cluster supports its members in their innovation and growth projects, in order to boost their development and influence on a global scale. It has approved 586 projects, representing €881 million in public subsidies and €2.2 billion in R&D investment.
Ambition PME
Ambition PME helps companies to boost their competitiveness.
Strategy, export, innovation, digital, finance... whatever the need, Ambition PME provides experts to advise, train and support company managers to help them develop their business.
Funded by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region to meet the needs of very small businesses and SMEs, Ambition PME offers support of up to 80% of the cost of support.
IDRAC : Business School

Created in 2005, the Grenoble IDRAC campus aims to provide quality training on a human-scale campus with appropriate teaching tools. Its advantage: the close relationship with its students and former students!
Anchored in the Grenoble ecosystem, IDRAC Business School has forged a strong link with its local institutions and companies: more than 300 partner companies recruit its students each year on an internship or block-release basis.
The school integrates in its training courses the use of new technologies to facilitate the work of its students and increase their autonomy.


ENVOL is intended to facilitate inter-company cooperation.
Open to companies of all sizes from the Voiron region in the industrial sectors and services to industries, this collective allows companies to meet and get to know each other better, to discuss key issues identified by members and to work on more specific topics.
Working groups bring together managers and employees and allow them to discuss common projects, share experiences and define tools and solutions to be implemented on the defined themes.

Grenoble Alpes University
Grenoble Alpes University is a major player in higher education and research in France.
In an increasingly competitive world, the institution aims to better meet all the challenges posed to universities by today's and tomorrow's world, and to be even more visible and attractive internationally.
The Grenoble campus offers more than 400 diploma courses, from Bac+2 to Bac+5, in general or professional studies.
We work closely with the UGA and welcome students from various fields every year for end-of-study internships: translation, automatic language processing, computer science, etc.
Initiative Pays Voironnais
This association was created in September 2000 at the initiative of the Urban Community of our town, IPV is a local financing platform that supports business creators or buyers.
IPV is aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners, or first-time development project leaders to validate the feasibility and viability of their project and help them raise the necessary funding.
In 2019, Annelise JOST, director of ALTICA Traductions, was the mentor of two companies.
Alternance Rhones Alpes

Alternance Rhone-Alpes offers qualifying training courses, from Bac to Bac+3 in Lyon, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne.
Our correspondents offer us profiles in line with our recruitment needs and we ensure, together, the training of our block-release students.
The first centre of the Alternance Group to be located in the Rhone-Alpes region, the Grenoble centre welcomes more than 300 students.
Due to its seniority and quality of teaching, it has become a reference in training in the Grenoble region.
For the past two years, we have been working closely with Alternance Rhone-Alpes to structure our sales department through block-release programs.

Entreprendre Isere
Created in 1992 by business leaders, the Reseau Entreprendre Rhone-Alpes is the second association to be created on the national territory.
Today, Reseau Entreprendre Isere is a non-profit association, recognized as a public utility. It is composed of more than 500 business leaders who work for the economic development of the region and support entrepreneurs, business buyers and developers to give them better chances to succeed and create jobs in the department of Isère.
These business leaders, called laureates and including Annelise JOST, have helped to create and preserve nearly 3,290 jobs.
Public Investment Bank, develops a wide range of solutions to support entrepreneurs' projects.
Its objective is to support the growth and internationalisation of companies through innovation.
Thanks to its banking partners, investors, regions or institutions, Bpifrance provides increased a wide range of financing solutions for entrepreneurs. It is partly thanks to the support of Bpifrance that we were able to finance our innovative digitisation project!
MBway is a Business & Management School whose teaching is structured to adapt as closely as possible to the needs of companies.
Admission is from Bac+2 to prepare a Bachelor of Commerce, or from Bac+3 to follow an MBA cycle at Master's level in Commerce and Management.
Our correspondents offer us profiles in line with our recruitment needs and we ensure, together, the training of our block-release students.
Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Region
Since our creation and at every stage of ALTICA Traductions' life, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region has supported us and provided us with solutions to help us in our development.
National Chamber of Translation Companies
Created in 1976, the National Chamber of Translation Companies is a professional union whose aim is to represent, promote and defend the economic, moral and professional interests of translation companies.
Today, the National Chamber of Translation Companies is the largest group of translation companies in France.
As a founding member of the EUATC (European Association of Translation Companies), is the official representative of France in this organisation, which brings together all the associations of translation companies in Europe.


Because you are in the best position to recommend us

about our referral program

Thanks to the referrals of our most loyal clients, new collaborations have been created and, in turn, new contacts have been made.

For this, we would like to say a big
and are currently working
on an « Ambassadors » program


In addition to being rewarded for your loyalty, you'll benefit from ambassador advantages.

The more collaborations your referrals generate, the more advantages you will receive.


The referral of a service provider is a first guarantee of quality.

By becoming a client, you can also join our community of Ambassadors and enjoy the same advantages.

We want to set up the following for our Ambassadors:

You are a satisfied client

You recommend us to your network

From your referral comes a new collaboration

You become an Ambassador and we thank you for it

Your referred client can also become an Ambassador and enjoy the same benefits


As YOU are the first to be concerned, do not hesitate to submit us your proposals and suggestions
so that we can develop a referral program that suits YOU!

Because reciprocity defines partnership: