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Optimise your budgets

  • thanks to automatic machine translations;
  • by avoiding any unnecessary costs for excellent quality;
  • through the time saved by the rapidity of the machine.

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Light or partial

post-édition partielle

When understanding is more important than quality.


post-édition complète

Our linguists edit the translation
to obtain an excellent quality.

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Use our D.T.P. service to complet your request to get a complete multilingual document.

Post-editing, linguistics in the digital age

Post-editing is a recent service in the linguistic sector.
It involves a professional linguist revising a text translated by an automatic translation engine.

Machine translation allows some companies to obtain multilingual documents more quickly and at a lower cost.
However, the results of automatic translation are often inaccurate.
It is essential, therefore, that a professional linguist reviews the text to ensure a qualitative result.

One service, two options:

Light or partial post-editing

post-édition partielle

The linguist only corrects misinterpretations,
spelling mistakes, omissions and grammatical
or glossary errors.

This service is adapted for documents
in-house or documents that have a short
time span, for example.

Full post-editing

post-édition complete

In addition to the corrected errors in light post-editing,
the linguist also focuses on terminology,
sentence structure, writing style
and typography.

In this case, the result is more fluid and natural
to get closer to the quality
of a human translation.

picto attention

Full post-editing can sometimes take longer than a 'classic' translation because the linguist may have to delete and translate again entire extracts.
It will depend on the percentage of changes made by the post-editor of the machine's translation in order to obtain a quality translation.

Many improvements have been made in the field of artificial intelligence but we do not recommend post-editing if:

picto gros volumes

You have large volumes to translate.
The number of possible inconsistencies and errors increases in proportion with the volume of texts.

You have high-quality requirements.
The post-editor improves the automatic translation but the final quality remains more uncertain than with a translation or proofreading service.

picto qualité
picto recurrence

You have regular translation needs.
Having your texts translated by machines prevents capitalising on the work done and, as a result, guaranteeing consistency between your documents and, subsequently, optimising your budgets.

You have sensitive or confidential data to translate.
The general terms and conditions of most machine translators specify that all the data you enter can be freely reused by them.

picto cadenas

If you are looking for a high-quality translation that we will capitalise on for your future needs, we recommend our translation + proofreading service by two distinct linguists.

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