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Technical writing


Adapting your message for your audience

Technical writing
User manuals, technical notices, websites, product descriptions,
descriptions, company presentations, biographies...

Slogans, brand names, advertising spots, commercial brochures,
marketing documents, sensitisation campaigns...

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Technical writing

The interface between your data
and their audiences.

Our editors summarise
your technical data in the language
of your target audience.


The association of translation
with creation.

Our linguists put their creativity
at your service to ensure that your
message is clearly presented to your target audience.

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Technical writing

Technical writing aims to transmit, through written form, clear and explicit information about a product, service, procedure, company, etc.

In general, the documents written have a technical, commercial or marketing focus.

This service allows you to write about technical elements that you are proficient in, by adapting the writing to ensure the documents are accessible to your target audience.

Our technical writers immerse themselves in your professional context and synthesise the technical data you wish to communicate in the desired medium.
With the help of technical writing, you can create an interface between your company and your contacts.


Transcreation involves the creativity of the linguist whose mission is to express the emotion and intent of the message to a target audience.

In contrast with translation, it is necessary to dissociate yourself from the source text to give priority to the feeling that the target text must create.
While translation has to restore the meaning of the message through specific terminology, transcreation aims to adapt the message so that its reasoning is the same from one country to another.

With the help of transcreation, we can assist you from the start of your internationalisation strategy. You could use this service specifically for exporting your products or services.

The term transcreation is an Anglicism
from the combination:
translation + creation

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