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Correcting objectively

Technical documents
user manuals, theses, technical notices, procedures, reports...

Marketing documents
posters, applications, software, leaflets, brochures, slogans, baselines...

Legal documents
official documents, declarations, confidentiality agreements, contracts...

Corporate documents
newsletters, articles, websites, press releases...

Define your need:


You want o correct the spelling, grammar
and any typing errors in your documents?

Rely on our linguists to detect
even the smallest mistake!

Linguistic and technical proofreading

You want to make sure that the style of the
translation is consistent and respects
your editorial preferences?

You can count on our linguists to carry out
terminology searches as well as
a thorough review!


You don't like the style of your text,
it contains errors
or the terminology is incorrect?

You can rely on our linguists to
rewrite your documents!

Proofreading before

You need a final proofreading
to ensure that the layout
in the foreign language is correct?

Rely on our linguists to ensure
that your document is ready to be published!

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Press release

Use our D.T.P. service to receive a finalised multilingual document.

Harmonise your documents with proofreading

Proofreading is an essential step in ensuring the quality of your texts.

Perhaps you use internal resources to translate your documents because they speak several languages and know your business.

However, translating is a profession that requires many skills that even your
multilingual colleagues, generally do not have:

  • fluency in the target language;
  • respect of typographical rules;
  • stylistic adaptation;
  • consistency of terminology...

Moreover, writers and translators cannot be objective about their own writing.
They tend to lose sight of their own mistakes, especially when dealing with large volumes.

Nevertheless, errors and inconsistencies in your documents can have an impact on the credibility and the quality of your company's image.

Our qualified linguists, native speakers of the target language, check the consistency between the source text and the target text, and if necessary, correct:

  • syntax
  • style
  • typography
  • homogeneity of the text

Did you know?

A professional translator translates an average of 2000 words per day. The proofreader can review about 10,000 words per day.

When it is not their job, your multilingual colleagues often need more time than professionals do, and the result is likely to be of a lower quality.

Call on professionals to ensure the quality of your international image!

If you are not looking for an optimal quality service such as that provided by proofreading, we can also suggest our post-editing services in order to optimise your budgets by avoiding "over-quality".

Our clients talk about it better than we do: