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Technical translations

(and others)

A translator/proofreader team for optimal quality

Technical documents
user manuals, theses, technical notices, procedures, reports...

Marketing documents
posters, apps, software, leaflets, brochures, slogans, baselines...

Legal documents
official acts, declarations, confidentiality agreements, contracts...

Corporate documents
newsletters, articles, websites, press releases...

Define your need:

+ proofreading

It is impossible to be objective about your own writing.

That is why we put together
a translator/proofreader team
to ensure optimal quality.

Translation only

A specialised linguist translates your documents.

We select the translator best
suited to your needs for a quality translation
which he/she will proofread.

Select the type of translation:




Select the type of file :



User manual






Accord de confidentialité">

Use our D.T.P. service to complete your request to get a complete multilingual document.

Get a legal validation of your official documents translated by a sworn linguist.

Translation, an interactive process

For us, the achievement of a translation project is a question of interaction.

We value our exchanges because they allow you to pass on information essential to the achievement of your objectives, such as your technical knowledge of your business and your specific requirements in terms of vocabulary and style, which are the main concerns of our company.

Translation process

Basically, everything starts from your need...

At the beginning, your need is expressed by the necessity to understand a document or to diffuse it in another language.

You send us your request and receive our quotation, based on your needs and your initial documents:

  • Type of document
  • Sources and target languages
  • Volume of words
  • Requested delivery date

As soon as you validate the project, our internal Project Managers centralise the information related to your project and coordinate the resources necessary for a successful translation of your documents in accordance with your objectives.

Our monitoring system allows us to offer you a quality service:

  • Linguistic skills
  • Writing skills
  • Terminology searches
  • Knowledge and mastery of tools
  • Professional expertise

We also offer proofreading services, to bring a new and objective view to the meaning of the translation and to your documents for a writing style that will match your ambitions.

Our clients talk about it better than we do: